Sunday, August 9, 2009

BBQ day.

My dad's workplace had a BBQ today, at first I was a mad because I didn't want to go.
It was RAINING like hell this morning but when the afternoon started to arrive.... then the rain stoped. WTF? so yeah..I had to go.
At the BBQ we did some many things...I got really hot because I had to run around etc. (playing games all day, wow) The food was great, the people where great, everything was GREAT!!!

A New Lifestyle Begins

What I'm trying to do is, create a healthy lifestyle for myself.

I'm really into Japanese culture, the way they eat and take care of them selves etc.

Right now I'm researching....and I ran into some interesting FAQs about the Japanese way of life.

I'm hoping to go to Japanese myself and experience the day & life of a Japanese girl!!