Saturday, November 7, 2009

oh my gosh..november..where have i been??

Hey everyone,

Yes it is November now and we all know what that means...WINTER IS COMING NOOO but..we have to face it.

The good thing is that New Moon is coming out (Nov.20) and I can't wait for that to show!!! I'm hoping I'll get to see it with my best friends because her B-day is this month to. Sooo...what else am I planning to do?

1. lose some weight for modeling next year....(Jan.010)

2. Find a way to kill my brother LOL

3. Focus on getting my grades up!!!! I need an minimum of 80% in all my classes this semester

so yeah..that all for now. BTW: um...I'm saving up for my Sony 8GB MP3 cos pod's are too common now!!!.

(I really want my cell phone back)

k. XOXO over and out
Black Boots- me, Velcro Converse- Amelia, Black kicks- Amani
(Halloween day @ school)
ps. I was Victoria Beckham LOL