Friday, August 7, 2009

New girl of the summer...well..not really.

All this week i'm going to be working on my
stories, yes I am a writer.
I write about all kind of things.. I wrote so
many stories but I don't have them anymore because my old computer broke down and
deleted everything!! so now I have to be restart.

I hate it somtimes.
I'm working on a new story now, i think u guys will enjoy it
I don't want to spoil it so i'm not gana say anything else. ;P

For now, i'm
jus workin on gettin my info & stuff organized for this blog, so it may take
some time.

Also I wanted to add in: For all you
people who don't know,
Ikemegu aka Ikeda Megumi is THE BEST SCAWAII

I've been following her blog like, forever
now. Ikemegu is my Idol and i love her<3

comment!!!!! thank you. <333

Blog life time.

I finally have a blog now.
i never knew i would make one..but i
though it could be fun u know?
there's a lot of things I'm going to be
posting up, mostly my life stories etc. (events)
so...yeah I'm still new at this may take time to get use to. ha ha

I hope u guys out there have fun on
my blog & comment!!!! if u would like....