Thursday, August 13, 2009


I decided that I'm going to try out for modeling. Ha ha I know it's may be funny for some of you (my family) but I really want to do it.

Everywhere I go people always say: "Omg your so tall" or "You should be a model, you have a wonderful thin body"
So...yeah that's how it goes, I'm not just doing it because people say I should I REALLY WANT TO DO IT FOR ME. lol

All the time I do runway shows in my room (LOSER) and I love taking pictures of myself (can't now, don't have cam anymore!!! Grr)

What I'm going to do first though is: Focus on losing weight!! well, I'm not that big but I'm bigger then the average model so I need to trim down a bit.

Bust= 35''
Waist= 35''
Hips= 37''
Height= 5'7.2''

My Goal:

Waist= 24.5''
Hips= 35''

My Bust and Height are good.
I think if I take of myself, Watch what I eat, Workout more & Practice my poses etc. I'll be GREAT!!!

My fave Models in the world are:

Sophy Jones<3

Jessi M'bengue<3

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